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Title: Strutture rupestri di età romana nel territorio di Terracina (Lazio meridionale)
Author(s): DI ROSA, Andrea
Journal: BABESCH
Volume: 93    Date: 2018   
Pages: 165-208
DOI: 10.2143/BAB.93.0.3284851

Abstract :
This research focuses on the archaeological structures which were carved in the limestone substrate during the Roman age in the ancient settled landscape surrounding the important Roman port of Tarracina-Anxur, present-day Terracina. This area is located in the calcareous range of the Monti Ausoni overlooking the Tyrrhenean sea, ca 120 km south of Rome. This paper mainly involves an unprecedented catalogue of sacred and funerary structures but also infrastructures such as aqueducts and pathways that were dug into the karst rocks between the middle of the Republican period and the beginning of the Empire. In all the previous research, the focus was only on the inscriptions engraved in the rock, but now also even anepigraphic structures carved in the rock have been studied as well. This study has a twofold purpose as it not only generates new landscape archaeological knowledge about the history of the territory of Terracina but could potentially function as a tool for heritage management. The ultimate objective is to bring to attention the ‘original nature’ of the structures in their environmental context and to implement and maintain a digital archaeological register of these evidences in order to improve the welfare of the urban and territorial planning processes and protecting and valorizing this fragile hidden heritage.

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