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Title: Toward a Christotao
Subtitle: Christ as the Theanthropocosmic Tao
Author(s): KIM, Heup Young
Journal: Studies in Interreligious Dialogue
Volume: 10    Issue: 1   Date: 2000   
Pages: 5-29
DOI: 10.2143/SID.10.1.519055

Abstract :
The contemporary christological crisis consists of two basic problems: modern historicism and the dualism in Western thought between logos and praxis. Despite their holistic religious contexts, Asian theologies are also divided into two poles between Asian liberation theologies (liberationists) and Asian theologies of religions (inculturationists). Hence, dualism is a dilemma prevalent in contemporary christology. It is an unavoidable consequence as long as christology holds logos as the root-metaphor, because logos, based on dualistic Greek thinking, is vulnerable to an unfortunate split between theory (logos) and practice (praxis), between form and content, or between thought and feeling. Furthermore, blind faith in the modern myth of scientific history forces Western christologies to reach an impasse. The evocative question of the article is how we can construct an East Asian christology that neither neglects historical situations nor falls into Western dualism and historicism. This christological enterprise may call for an entirely new hermeneutical paradigm with a new root-metaphor. The author suggests that tao is such an alternative root-metaphor for Jesus Christ and proposes a christotao that may overcome the dualism between christology and christopraxis.

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