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Title: Gladiators at Ancyra
Author(s): BENNETT, Julian
Journal: Anatolica
Volume: 35    Date: 2009   
Pages: 1-13
DOI: 10.2143/ANA.35.0.2038070

Abstract :
The public fascination with the gladiators of the Roman Empire was exemplified relatively recently by the highly commercial success of the US $ 110 million film Gladiator (2000), albeit those from an earlier generation or knowledgeable on the subject matter prefer its more reliable and oft-repeated predecessor, Spartacus (1960). Despite the popularity of these films, and their bias towards the gladiators of Rome and Italy, it is surprisingly little known just how ubiquitous gladiatorial displays were in the Roman World. This is especially true of its Hellenised parts, areas where earlier historians believed the local ‘civilised’ peoples rejected such ‘barbaric’ spectacles on high moral grounds.

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