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Journal of Kurdish Studies

In the second half of the 20th century the study of all aspects of Kurdish culture and society has grown significantly in Europe and North America. The evidence is abundant. Research institutions and libraries have been founded, and new courses on Kurdish language, history, and society have been introduced into university curricula and existing programs have been expanded. There has been a notable increase in publications of all kinds, especially of monographs, in European languages. It has been particularly heartening to see an increase of interest in the Kurds on the part of non-specialists whose concerns are the Middle East in general or nation-building or cultural anthropology, to name only a few disciplines. Equally encouraging for the future of Kurdish studies has been the large number of young scholars, Kurds and non-Kurds, who have been drawn into the field and have made valuable contributions to it.
The initiative in bringing to print The Journal of Kurdish Studies is in no small measure a response to the burgeoning of Kurdish studies. The Journal seeks to make known to both specialists and a wider audience of scholars and interested persons the results of original research and new interpretations of significant issues. Devoted to the humanities and social sciences, it will cover history, linguistics and philology, written and oral literature, sociology, anthropology, political science, and international relations. Articles will be published in English and French, and manuscripts translated from other languages should be accompanied by the original text. The pages of the Journal are open to all scholars in the hope that it will become a genuine international forum for the exchange of ideas and the advancement of learning.

Journal of Kurdish Studies is a peer-reviewed journal.

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