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Title: Darius' Thrones
Subtitle: Temporal and Eternal
Author(s): JAMZADEH, Parivash
Journal: Iranica Antiqua
Volume: 30    Date: 1995   
Pages: 1-21
DOI: 10.2143/IA.30.0.519282

Abstract :
Perhaps one may note as significant the fact that the form and the facade of the tomb of Darius I at Naqsh-i Rustam is repeated for every successive Achaemenid king. Certainly his successors, each a king of kings would not have been obliged by the pattern, unless some specific significance had been expressed by the design that its repeat should have been necessary by the occupant of the office. The significance may be seen in the purports of the design that not only codified the basic tenets of the Achaemenid kingship, but in doing so it was also linked with the overall art program of Persepolis and in that combination came to relate specific messages.

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