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Title: Kurdish Nationalism in Iran
Subtitle: The Formative Period, 1942-1947
Author(s): VALI, Abbas
Journal: Journal of Kurdish Studies
Volume: 2    Date: 1996-1997   
Pages: 1-12
DOI: 10.2143/JKS.2.0.519231

Abstract :
The object of this essay is to explain the discursive formation and political practice of the Kurdish nationalist movement in Iranian Kurdistan from 1942-1947, a brief but cruical period culminating in the establishment of the Kurdish Republic in 1946. The essay outlines the historical specificity of the Kurdish society in Iran during this period, and assesses the relative significance of traditional modern political and cultural relations and forcces in the formation and development of Kurdish nationalist discourse and practice. It argues that the specificity of of the Kurdish national movement in Iran, its structural dynamicsq and the modality of its development, should be sought in the changing relationship between the Kurdish society and the modern state in Iran. This relationship, which was filtered through a complex structure of traditional forces and institutions, determined the political organisation, discursive formation and strategic objectives of the Kurdish movements in Iranian Kurdistan in the period under consideration.

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