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Title: Women and the Spirit, the Ox and the Ass
Subtitle: The First Binders of the Booklet Isahiah 28-32
Author(s): BEUKEN, W.A.M.
Journal: Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses
Volume: 74    Issue: 1   Date: April 1998   
Pages: 5-26
DOI: 10.2143/ETL.74.1.504786

Abstract :
In contemporary literary-historical research into the Book of Isaiah (BI), the conviction that BI consists of three independent literary corpora – chs. 1–39, 40–55 and 56–66 – has had to make way for an investigation into the plan which lay behind a radical redaction which attuned each of the parts to one another and thus provided the book with a very strong and highly elaborate structure. Since recent commentators suspect that this redaction connected the partly pre-exilic oracles of chs. 1–39 (PI) with the (post-)exilic prophecies of chs. 40–66, scholars have primarily focused their attention on the configuration which the entire complex underwent after the exile. Nevertheless, it was only twenty years ago that the theory of an important pre-exilic re-working emerged, the so-called Assyrian or Josian redaction of the 7th century. While the primary intention of this redaction was the interpretation of independent prophecies and only in a secondary sense to re-organise the material in a new textual form (“book”), these two characteristics did not exist apart from one another. The interpretative development of independent prophecies of the historical prophet Isaiah ben Amoz (IbA) both followed and influenced the constitution of existing collections.

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