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Title: Finding Measure in Exceeding Measure
Subtitle: On Ethics and the Between
Author(s): DESMOND, William
Journal: Ethical Perspectives
Volume: 8    Issue: 4   Date: 2001   
Pages: 319-331
DOI: 10.2143/EP.8.4.503838

Abstract :
Ethics and the Between attempts a fundamental rethinking of what it means to be good, one consistent with the attempt in Being and the Between to rethink the question what does it mean to be. Ethics and metaphysics are ultimately inseparable, though, in these matters, as much hangs on what one means by metaphysics as what one means by ethics. It would take us too far afield to address the nature of metaphysics, but suffice it to say that I think of it as a fundamental reflection on the many senses of being, how they relate and differ, how they diversely influence the ways we think about fundamental perplexities such as, for instance, the nature of origin, or intelligibility, or things, or human selves and communities, and, of course, the nature of being true and being good. Ethics and the Betweenis continuous with the philosophical views developed in previous works. Thus Being and the Between concluded with a chapter entitled 'Being Good', and Ethics and the Between can be seen as amplifying what is present and implicit there. Yet Ethics and the Between contains much that was not anticipated in prior works. Mindful attention finds itself more and more humble to the plurivocity of the matter itself. I mean a humility that is alert to surprise, that is servant to the newness of what is most deeply constant.

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