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Title: Sharaf az-Zamân Tâhir Marwazî (fl. 100 AD) on Zooraster, Mânî, Mazdak and other Pseudo-Prophets
Author(s): KRUK, Remke
Journal: Persica
Volume: 17    Date: 2001   
Pages: 51-68
DOI: 10.2143/PERS.17.0.499

Abstract :
Among the accounts of the life and tenets of the “Iranian” prophets Zoroaster, Mânî and Mazdak, no attention has been paid so far to what Sharaf az-Zaman Marwazî has to say about them in his Kitâb Ṭabâ'i‘ al-ḥayawan, “Book on the Natures of Living Beings”. This is not surprising: this part of Marwazî's text was lacking in the MSS on which Minorsky (1942) based his survey of the contents and his partial edition of the first maqâla. It only became known when Iskandar (1981) wrote about his discovery of another, more complete MS of the Ṭabâ'i‘.

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