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Title: From Genetic Phenomenology to Phenomenology of Perception and Beyond
Author(s): LÓPEZ SÁENZ, Carmen
Journal: Etudes phénoménologiques - Phenomenological Studies
Volume: 4    Date: 2020   
Pages: 225-252
DOI: 10.2143/EPH.4.0.3286918

Abstract :
This paper evaluates the phenomenology of perception of Merleau-Ponty throughout his work as an enriching continuation of Hussserlian research on sensible perception, especially the research corresponding to genetic phenomenology. First, it elucidates the aspects of static phenomenology that contribute to going beyond reductionist conceptions of perception. Then, it makes explicit how passive syntheses and operative intentionality give unity to the pre-given life-world. Merleau-Ponty applies these concepts to the perceptual field and escapes the realistic residues of the Gestalttheorie. This, in turn, inspires Merleau-Ponty to replace the constitution of meaning with the configuration of meaning, which he understands, first, as figural movement and, second, as ontological movement. This substitution includes its correlate, perceptual faith, as an openness to Being, which is not just individual but also social, cultural, and historical, like his conception of institution (Stiftung).

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