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Title: Establecimiento y caracterización de estructuras de complementación verbal en predicados latinos de valor 'comercial'
Subtitle: Sto y consto
Author(s): CABRILLANA, Concepción
Journal: Latomus
Volume: 78    Issue: 1   Date: 2019   
Pages: 3-23
DOI: 10.2143/LAT.78.1.3286520

Abstract :
This paper aims at establishing and characterizing the complementation patterns of two Latin verbs that can have the semantic value of the 'commercial transaction' type; this is a minor and barely studied meaning of sto and consto ('to cost'). After investigating the argument structure of similar verbs in other languages, I analyze the situation in Latin, relying on such features as argument omissibility and (in a subsidiary way) pragmatic relevance. I also provide a lexical-semantic characterization of the elements potentially involved in the verbal construction. The analysis achieved allows proposing a unique predicate frame in which the constituent with the Semantic Function of Price is the second argument (A2), and the (possibly not actualized) Recipient, the third one (A3).

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