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Title: Copper Production and Coinage in Achaia Phthiotis
Subtitle: Non-destructive Analysis Using X-ray Fluorescence
Journal: Pharos
Volume: 22    Issue: 2   Date: 2016   
Pages: 43-85
DOI: 10.2143/PHA.22.2.3285487

Abstract :
In the early 3rd century BC four relatively small cities in Achaia Phthiotis – New Halos, Thebai Phthiotides, Peuma and Larisa Kremaste – struck bronze coins of good quality. The existence of these towns and their coinage imply a period of prosperity in Achaia Phthiotis in the early 3rd century BC, during which the population increased and there was a growing need for coinage. This paper presents an overview and preliminary classification of the coinage of the cities in Hellenistic times and discusses the method of X-ray fluorescence for the investigation of coins. Coins of the four cities, from the excavations at New Halos, were selected for pXRF analysis to determine their composition, to check the consistency of composition of the proposed groups in the classification and to examine the assumed existence of a mint union. We shall also touch upon provenance issues, putting forward a preliminary hypothesis, on the basis of certain components detected in the main metal and of the literature on documented ore sources in the Óthris Mountains.

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