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Title: La structure oratoire du discours d'Étienne (Actes 7)
Author(s): DUPONT, Jacques
Journal: Biblica
Volume: 66    Issue: 2   Date: 1985   
Pages: 153-167
DOI: 10.2143/BIB.66.2.3218016

Abstract :
This article aims to show that the best criterion to use in accounting for the developments in Stephen's speech in Acts 7 is the rhetorical structure required in classical Antiquity for all speeches. After a brief exordium (v. 2a), the narratio (v. 2b-34) and the argumentatio (v. 36-50), connected by a short transition (v. 35), form the body of the speech, which ends with a short peroratio (v. 51-53). The article also stresses the schematic function of the quotation from Genesis 15,13f in v. 6-7: the prediction in v. 6 introduces the stories related in v. 9-22; the first part of v. 7 refers to the major development in v. 23-43, and the end of v. 7 sets the scene for the last section concerning the temple in v. 44-50.

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