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Title: Understanding the Qumran Sect in View of Early Karaite Halakhah from the Geonic Period
Author(s): ERDER, Yoram
Journal: Revue de Qumran
Volume: 26    Issue: 3   Date: numéro 103, 2014   
Pages: 403-423
DOI: 10.2143/RQ.26.3.3178220

Abstract :
Research about the influence of Qumranic Halakha on the Karaite Mourners of Zion can enlarge our knowledge not only on early Karaism, but also on main disputes that divided the Jewish sects in the antiquity. The three halakhic issues discussed in this article shed light on the meaning to the Qumran sect of living in the desert. Defining themselves as the 'exiles of the wilderness', they did not observe most of the commandments, which they considered as pertaining to the Land of Israel, as the Israelites before them during their sojourn in the wilderness. The three Halakhic issues discussed here are: a. the 'desert passover' (Numbers 9) and 'Hezekiah passover' (1 chr 29-30). b. the half-shekel issue (Exod 30: 11-16). c. the consuming of 'desired meat' (Deut 12: 20-21).

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