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Title: Repliek op de kritische studie van Torben Wolfs
Author(s): VERHACK, Ignace
Journal: Tijdschrift voor Filosofie
Volume: 74    Issue: 4   Date: 2012   
Pages: 785-793
DOI: 10.2143/TVF.74.4.2965141

Abstract :
In his critical study of my book Wat bedoelen wij wanneer wij ‘God’ zeggen? (What Do we Mean When we Say ‘God’?) (that takes its distances from theism), the author raises an interesting question that is worth to be reflected upon: is the affirmation of a transcendent being a necessary condition for having trust in being as such (ontological faith)? He claims that for me it is, and objects against it. In my reply, I point to the fact that the quotations that he brings together to substantiate his critique are taken out of context. In their original settings, they are meant as warnings against the ascendant way in metaphysics (the idea that the perfections in the world would point by themselves to a transcendent ground of perfection). For me, the 'affirmation of God' (in fact our affirmation of what I call ‘original affirmation’) is sui generis. It does not merely follow from what I call a 'rich' understanding of being, although without the latter, the idea of ‘original affirmation’ would remain pointless. For me, the grounds for having faith in being are of an immanent nature, whereas the 'affirmation of God' is not about a necessary 'reason for' trust, but about being sent forwards in something greater that transcends us. Hence, sui generis.

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