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Title: Archeologie
Journal: Bibliotheca Orientalis
Volume: 67    Issue: 3-4   Date: 2010   
Pages: 401-426
DOI: 10.2143/BIOR.67.3.2057465

Abstract :
TUNCA, Ö., BAGHDO, A., CRUELLS, W. (éds.) - Chagar Bazar (Syrie) I. Les sondages préhistoriques (1999-2001). (Publications de la Mission archéologique de l'Université de Liège en Syrie). Peeters, Leuven, 2006.

MORANDI BONACOSSI, D. (ed.) - Urban and Natural Landscapes of an Ancient Syrian Capital. Settlement and Environment at Tell Mishrefeh/Qatna and in Central-Western Syria. Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Udine, 9-11 December 2004. (Studi archeologici su Qatna 1). Forum, Udine, 2007.

HAERINCK, E., OVERLAET, B. - Luristan Excavation Documents Vol. VI: Bani Surmah. An Early Bronze Age Graveyard in Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan. (Acta Iranica 43). Peeters, Leuven, 2006.
HAERINCK, E., OVERLAET, B. - Luristan Excavation Documents Vol. VII: The Kalleh Nisar Bronze Age Graveyard in Pusht-i Kuh, Luristan. (Acta Iranica 46). Peeters, Leuven, 2008.

SCHELTEMA, G. - Megalithic Jordan. An Introduction and Field Guide. (ACOR Occasional Puvlication 6). American Center of Oriental Research, Amman, 2008.

FIEMA, Z.T., FRÖSÉN, J. - The Church and the Chapel. (Petra - The Mountain of Aaron 1). Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Helsinki, 2008.

HEIN, I. (ed. ) - The Lustrous Wares of Late Bronze Age Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Papers of a Conference, Vienna 5th-6th November 2004. (Contributions to the Chronology of the Eastern Mediterranean 13). Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 2007.

PARARAS, Y. - Immovable Offertory Installations in Late Bronze Age Cyprus. (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology and Literature, Pocket-book 174). Paul Åströms Förlag, Sävedalen, 2008.

YOFFEE, N., CROWELL, B.L. (eds.) - Excavating Asian History. Interdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology and History. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 2006.

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