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Title: Georgios Scholarios - Gennadios II's Florilegium Thomisticum II (De Fato) and its anti-Plethonic Tenor
Journal: Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales
Volume: 74    Issue: 2   Date: 2007   
Pages: 301-376
DOI: 10.2143/RTPM.74.2.2024655

Abstract :
In Marc. gr., classis XI,18 (coll. 1042) (saec. XV) an anonymous florilegium consisting of selected paragraphs of the Second Part of the Fifth Division («De providentia Dei») of the 3rd book of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa contra Gentiles is extant. These paragraphs were excerpted from the Greek translation (1354) of the Latin text by Demetrios Cydones (ch. 84, § 8-14; ch. 85, § 19-20; ch. 86, § 9-14; ch. 87; ch. 93; ch. 105 (title) and 106 (position); ch. 101, § 2 partim; 103; ch. 94, § 3-5; 12-15). The main topic of this text is «fate». An edition of it is offered, and it is argued, on the basis of its similarity with another florilegium Thomisticum of the professed Byzantine Thomist Georgios Scholarios - Gennadios II (ca. 1400 - post 1472) as well as with some of his writings, that it must be attributed to the same author. It should be probably placed in 1444/53 and regarded as part of Scholarios’ preparation for refuting Georgios Gemistos - Plethon’s Laws II,6, which from 1439 onwards was circulated independently as De fato.

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