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Title: Extension of the Capital Asset Pricing Model to Non-Normal Dependence Structures
Author(s): JOHNSTON, Mark
Journal: ASTIN Bulletin
Volume: 37    Issue: 1   Date: May 2007   
Pages: 35-52
DOI: 10.2143/AST.37.1.2020797

Abstract :
The Capital Asset Pricing Model arises in an economy where agents have exponential utility functions and aggregate consumption is normally distributed, and gives the prices of assets with payoffs which are jointly normal with consumption. Such assets have normal marginal distributions and have dependence with consumption characterised by a normal copula. Wang has derived a transform which extends the CAPM by allowing pricing of assets in such an economy which have non-normal marginal distributions but still are normalcopula with consumption.
Here we set out the stochastic discount factors corresponding to this version of the CAPM and to Wang’s transform, and show how to calculate stochastic discount factors and hence asset prices for assets whose dependence with consumption is non-normal. We show that the impact of dependency structure on asset prices is significant.