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Title: Dynamic Pricing of General Insurance in a Competitive Market
Author(s): EMMS, Paul
Journal: ASTIN Bulletin
Volume: 37    Issue: 1   Date: May 2007   
Pages: 1-34
DOI: 10.2143/AST.37.1.2020796

Abstract :
A model for general insurance pricing is developed which represents a stochastic generalisation of the discrete model proposed by Taylor (1986). This model determines the insurance premium based both on the breakeven premium and the competing premiums offered by the rest of the insurance market. The optimal premium is determined using stochastic optimal control theory for two objective functions in order to examine how the optimal premium strategy changes with the insurer’s objective. Each of these problems can be formulated in terms of a multi-dimensional Bellman equation.
In the first problem the optimal insurance premium is calculated when the insurer maximises its expected terminal wealth. In the second, the premium is found if the insurer maximises the expected total discounted utility of wealth where the utility function is nonlinear in the wealth. The solution to both these problems is built-up from simpler optimisation problems. For the terminal wealth problem with constant loss-ratio the optimal premium strategy can be found analytically. For the total wealth problem the optimal relative premium is found to increase with the insurer’s risk aversion which leads to reduced market exposure and lower overall wealth generation.