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Title: The Strange(r) Within Me
Author(s): VISKER, Rudi
Journal: Ethical Perspectives
Volume: 12    Issue: 4   Date: December 2005   
Pages: 425-441
DOI: 10.2143/EP.12.4.2004791

Abstract :
Although the relation between philosophy and psychoanalysis has never been an easy one, the recent turn in contemporary philosophy toward the other seems to have bridged the gap that once separated the two. With notions like the other-in-the-self having become almost self-evident in recent philosophical parlour, it would indeed seem that there is no longer any deep disagreement between the psychoanalytic and the philosophical approach to the relation between the same and the other. And yet this article argues that such optimism is misplaced. More often than not, what lies hidden behind the apparent hospitality with which philosophy welcomes psychoanalysis is but another, and more subtle form of resistance: instead of trying to reduce the other to the same, contemporary philosophy inverts the procedure and reduces the same to the other. Julia Kristeva’s The foreigner in ourselvesis analysed as a case in point and contrasted with a Freudian and Lacanian reading of the narcissism of minor differences, that points to quite different conclusions.

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