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Title: The Five Later 'Tyrrhenian' Painters
Author(s): KLUIVER, Jeroen
Journal: BABESCH
Volume: 71    Date: 1996   
Pages: 1-58
DOI: 10.2143/BAB.71.0.2002273

Abstract :
In this article I deal with the five later ‘Tyrrhenian' artisans – Kyllenios Painter, Castellani Painter, Pointed-Nose Painter, Guglielmi Painter and Fallow Deer Painter – in the same way that I dealt with the three earlier ‘Tyrrhenian' painters in my previous article (1995).
For each painter I list the vases (divided into three or four periods), describe the decorative schemes, note the subjects and remark on style and other characteristics. The inscriptions are treated in short notes; again Professor C.J. Ruijgh kindly commented on the meaningful ones, among which the Guglielmi Painter's signature on Louvre E 831 (211). Each chapter contains a section on the painter's relative chronology.
Two extra sections are inserted, one explaining why I delete the four dinoi attributed to the Kyllenios Painter (2.8), the other (3.8) explaining why the amphorae which I call broad-shouldered in my second article (1993) are not included in the Castellani Painter's list. Chapter 7 concludes with my dating of these five ‘Tyrrhenian' artisans. The two appendices are a List of Subjects and a Concordance with ABV and Para.

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