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Title: Sociolinguistic Transfer
Subtitle: The Case of Persian Speakers in Australia
Author(s): AMOUZADEH, Mohammed , TAVANGAR, Manoochehr
Journal: ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics
Volume: 148    Date: 2005   
Pages: 63-78
DOI: 10.2143/ITL.148.0.2002065

Abstract :
This paper focuses on the ways in which misunderstanding occurs between two interlocutors with different cultural backgrounds. As such, its main concern is with sociolinguistic transfer (Chick, 1996). Based on a cross-cultural model, it aims to investigate certain socio-pragmatic issues, (i.e. terms of address, offers and request types) affecting Iranian and Australian interlocutors. The issues in question will be compared and contrasted to ascertain what types of culturally communicative transfers might be invoked in the interaction between the interlocutors from these two different sociolinguistic milieus. The analysis of data will be based mainly on ethnographical introspection. By providing a systematic analysis of the transfer types involved, the paper will also suggest some socio-pragmatic explanations regarding their possible sources. Moreover, it will be argued that understanding the miscommunication arising from such interactions will sheds some light on the process of potential negative stereotypes. All in all, the present study can be said to make some contribution in the areas of language teaching, cross-cultural translation, and intercultural communication.