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Title: Once More the Dual: With Replies to J. Blau and J. Blenkinsopp
Author(s): RENDSBURG, Gary A.
Journal: Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Volume: 38    Date: 2001   
Pages: 28-41
DOI: 10.2143/ANES.38.0.1091

Abstract :
Twenty years ago I proposed that the numerous cases of the pronouns st', sh, skh-, and sh- with feminine dual antecedents, as well as the use of masculine verbs with feminine dual subjects, are evidence of the vestigial use of dual pronouns and verbs in Biblical Hebrew. In addition, I argued that the large concentration of such forms in ā€œPā€ can be used as evidence for the early date of the Priestly source. Joshua Blau responded with an article arguing that these examples are not evidence for the dual, but rather are part of the larger picture of the drift for the masculine to replace the feminine in Hebrew and in other Semitic languages. More recently, Joseph Blenkinsopp wrote an article challenging my use of these dual forms for dating the Priestly source. The present article responds to both Blau and Blenkinsopp, adding the evidence of computer-aided analysis of Biblical Hebrew and presenting afresh the position that ā€œPā€ is indeed pre-exilic.

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