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Title: Le sens du poétique
Subtitle: Approche phénoménologique
Author(s): ROOSE, Marie-Clotilde
Journal: Revue Philosophique de Louvain
Volume: 94    Issue: 4   Date: novembre 1996   
Pages: 646-676
DOI: 10.2143/RPL.94.4.541787

Abstract :
The author examines the sting inherent in the title of Kant’s work on the Unique possible foundation of a demonstration of the existence of God, published in 1762. In this work, Kant admits not wanting to establish a formal demonstration of the existence of God, but only the foundations of such a demonstration. In this way, he develops lessthan a proof, but at the same time more, i.e. the unique possiblefoundation of such a proof. The author critically analyses that in this formula, obviously to a different extent, both the leibnizian proof starting from the possibles and the wolffian, so-called a posteriori proof, at a critical moment of their respective articulations, resort to a second argumentation in order to prove the existence of the necessary being and that they are thus not auto-sufficient (unique).

This article proposes a reading of poetics under the double horizon of signification and sense. How does the poem make sense? Is there a multiplicity of meanings and/or a global, original sense? Following certain phenomenologists (M. Dufrenne, G. Bachelard...), a first reflection is needed on the possibilities for approaching and understanding a poem. Then the following: 1° An analysis of the poetical languagein all its forms (the word and its signification, the poetical image, lexis and grammar, musicality, ...). 2° The approach of the poetical worldthat is opened up by the poem (studied in the way it appears, in its relationship to the subject, with a view to letting the origin and sense reveal themselves). The study and confrontation of texts on poetics (Dufrenne, Heidegger...) lead the author to envisage «the desire of being» as the origin of the poem.

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