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Title: The Phrygian Highlands, a Postscript
Subtitle: Wilful Destruction of the Rock-Monuments
Author(s): HEMELRIJCK, Jaap M. , BERNDT, Dietrich
Journal: BABESCH
Volume: 74    Issue:   Date: 1999   
Pages: 1-20
DOI: 10.2143/BAB.74.0.541747

Abstract :
In this paper we want to collect what we know of the disastrous destruction of the rock-monuments in the Highlands of Phrygia, which have so carefully been described and published by C.H.E. Haspels in her monograph, The Phrygian Highlands (1971).
It is a joint venture by two generations of Phrygiophiles: the one-time assistant of C.H. Emilie Haspels, Jaap M. Hemelrijk who made the drawings for Haspels' book as her assistent during her expeditions in 1953 and 1958 and therefore has a thorough knowledge of the monuments as they were in the fifties, and Dietrich Berndt who as a deeply involved student and amateur of antiquities travelled nearly every year extensively through the entire region from 1973 onwards, taking innumerable photographs.
When discovering the distressing demolition of the monuments Berndt repeatedly warned the Turkish authorities, who, however, are insufficiently equipped to deal with this huge problem. In several short papers Berndt has published his findings, but since these are widely scattered over different periodicals and new instances of demolition have come to his notice, a more complete assessment of the present state of affairs is called for.

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