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Title: Renewal of Christianity through Interreligious Dialogue
Author(s): DUPUIS, Jacques
Journal: Bijdragen
Volume: 65    Issue: 2   Date: 2004   
Pages: 131-143
DOI: 10.2143/BIJ.65.2.504384

Abstract :
The aim of the paper is to show that in the present world a renewal of Christianity is more likely to take place through interreligious dialogue than in opposition to the other religious traditions. Religious pluralism must not be viewed as a mere fact of life to be reckoned with, much less as an impediment to Christian mission and identity, but as a divine grace to be thankful for and an opportunity to be seized – a gift and a task. Religious pluralism in principle is based on God’s initiative in searching for people throughout history in order to share with them, “in many and diverse ways” (Heb 1:1), God’s own life, even before human beings could ever search for God. It follows that the other religious traditions play a positive role in God’s plan for humankind; it also follows that Christianity may be enriched – or even renewed – through contact with them. The paper first addresses the demands of openness to the other that a sincere practice of dialogue with another religious faith makes on those who earnestly enter into the practice. The second part discusses the question of mutual enrichment that the traditions may derive from a sincere practice of dialogue. The third part addresses the problem of the complementarity and convergence that may be affirmed between Christianity and the other traditions.