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Title: A modern Iranian Shiite Friend of God - Nūr'alīshāh II (1867-1918)
Author(s): VAN DEN BOS, Matthijs
Journal: Persica
Volume: 18    Date: 2002   
Pages: 1-15
DOI: 10.2143/PERS.18.0.490

Abstract :
Ḥājj Mollā 'Alī Gonābādī >Nūr'alīshāh< II (b. August 18, 1867) was a supreme spiritual master, ‘axis’ (qoṭb), of the Khorasan-based Shiite Solṭān'alīshāhī-Ne'matollāhī Sufi order. He assumed its leadership in 1909 after the murder of his father, >Solṭān'alīshāh<, and was to be murdered in his turn.
Hagiographic references to Nur'alishah may be found in a wealth of Solṭān'alīshāhī publications. There is in addition a small body of heresiological literature, and the Ne'matollāhī master also figures in secondary sources that provide (relatively more) detached biographical information.

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