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Title: African Relational Environmentalism on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Author(s): BEHRENS, Kevin
Journal: Ethical Perspectives
Volume: 28    Issue: 2   Date: 2021   
Pages: 129-147
DOI: 10.2143/EP.28.2.3289666

Abstract :
I draw on my conception of an African Relational Environmentalism to address some of humankind’s key moral responsibilities with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate. African Relational Environmentalism is grounded firmly in characteristically sub-Saharan African moral notions and is characterised by its theory of right action that claims that '[…] we should demonstrate respect for all parts of the web of life by promoting harmonious relationships between persons and persons, and between persons and the other parts of the web'. I use African Relational Environmentalism to defend the claim that it is our collective moral obligation, as human beings, to take responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions and their consequences and to argue that the developed nations, who have contributed most to the current climate crisis, bear most of the moral responsibility for mitigation. I assert that African Relational Environmentalism promotes action by individual countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even if some of the most powerful countries and worst polluters choose not to.

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