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Title: The Tumshuqese Year of the Goat and the Fremdzeichen x6
Author(s): DRAGONI, Federico
Journal: Journal Asiatique
Volume: 308    Issue: 2   Date: 2020   
Pages: 215-223
DOI: 10.2143/JA.308.2.3288912

Abstract :
The variant of the brāhmī script which was used to write down Tumshuqese, an Eastern Middle Iranian language closely related to Khotanese, involved the use of 12 additional signs that are commonly referred to with the German term Fremdzeichen. Whereas most of the signs have already been deciphered, some have so far remained a mystery. This paper puts forward the proposal that sign n° 6 (x6) was employed to represent the outcome of Proto-Iranian *-θ- intervocalically. This allows the identification of three previously unknown lexical items and throws new light into the interpretation of the extant Tumshuqese contracts.

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