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Title: A New Hebrew Word (zlq 'Lightning') and Other New Readings in the Hebrew Manuscripts of Ben Sira (MS B: MS heb.e.62 and T-S 16.313)
Author(s): REYMOND, Eric D.
Journal: Revue de Qumran
Volume: 31    Issue: 2   Date: numéro 114, 2019   
Pages: 169-188
DOI: 10.2143/RQ.31.2.3287238

Abstract :
Three new readings in the medieval Hebrew manuscripts of Ben Sira (Ms B: MS heb.e.62 and T-S 16.313) are described in this article. The first, זלק 'lightning (flash/bolt)' in Sir 43:13, is otherwise unknown in Hebrew and likely reflects secondary influence on the Ben Sira text from Syriac. The second, צי 'desert-dweller' or 'ship' in Sir 36:8-9, also seems likely to be secondary to the text; in this case, the word contributes to the eschatological/apocalyptic tone of its poem. The third new reading, סוגרת in Sir 36:23, is much harder to explain, but may reflect a new sense for the verb סגר , similar to that of מלא in the piel, namely, 'fill, satisfy'.

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