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Title: 'Soul' and 'Stele' in Hittite and Luwian
Author(s): GIUSFREDI, Federico
Journal: Bibliotheca Orientalis
Volume: 73    Issue: 3-4   Date: 2016   
Pages: 297-309
DOI: 10.2143/BIOR.73.3.3191745

Abstract :
In this paper, I will examine a group of words connected to the semantic areas of 'stele' (or 'altar') and 'soul' in Luwian and Hittite, and investigate the possible etymological connections. It will be argued that they go back to the Indo-European root, *steh2-, 'to stand/make stand', while for others a different root (*dheh1-, 'to put, place') needs to be assumed.

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