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Title: Are there למשכיל Sections in the Hodayot?
Subtitle: Evidence from Cave 4
Author(s): PANNKUK, Justin L.
Journal: Revue de Qumran
Volume: 28    Issue: 1   Date: numéro 107, 2016   
Pages: 3-13
DOI: 10.2143/RQ.28.1.3149523

Abstract :
This essay evaluates a proposal that one comes across in much of the secondary literature on the Hodayot: namely, that the collection of hymns preserved in 1QHa is comprised of smaller sets or groups that are each demarcated by a למשכיל heading. This proposal is examined in light of the comparative evidence for the arrangement of hymns in the Cave 4 manuscripts, especially 4QHa (4Q427) and 4QHe (4Q431). The analysis shows that the proposed למשכיל groups from 1QHa fail to obtain across the Cave 4 manuscripts, and it is suggested instead that the למשכיל incipits simply served as headings for the particular hymns with which they are paired.

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