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Title: Early Bronze Age, New Migrants and the Beginning of Township in Azerbaijan, NW Iran
Author(s): OMRANI, Behrooz , KHATIB SHAHIDI, Hamid , ABEDI, Akbar
Journal: Iranica Antiqua
Volume: 47    Date: 2012   
Pages: 1-27
DOI: 10.2143/IA.47.0.2141959

Abstract :
The current study is primarily based on archeological remains hence, introducing the Early Bronze Age societies, it propounds hypotheses based on a range of immigrations during the last quarters of the 4th millennium BC. A subsistence pattern has been defined by presenting modern geographical condition as well as ancient fauna and flora. After a brief introduction of Early Bronze Age settlements in Azerbaijan, the paper embarks upon evaluating the cultural remains, including architecture, pottery and metal works. An analysis of those remains helps to understand a range of social changes and settlement patterns of the Early Bronze Age societies. Last but not the least, the proposed study also tries to demarcate the settlement patterns of the Late Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age in Azerbaijan NW Iran. New data yielding from excavations and surveys eventually lead us to a new route of the arrival of the Kura-Araxes culture bearers into the East Central Zagros and the Central Iranian plateau from north.

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