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Title: Deconstruction, Dis-enclosure and Christianity
Author(s): DEVISCH, Ignaas , VAN ROODEN, Aukje
Journal: Bijdragen
Volume: 69    Issue: 3   Date: 2008   
Pages: 249-263
DOI: 10.2143/BIJ.69.3.2033142

Abstract :
Nancy’s deconstruction of Christianity mainly consist of a reworking of Christian and traditional philosophical notions, a process by which he demonstrates how these notions have virtually exhausted themselves. He has examined how such notions contain, as their very condition, the possibility of their own exhaustion. As a result, Nancy’s project of a deconstruction of Christianity is actually a ‘reading’ of Christianity deconstructing itself, i.e. of Christianity’s raison d’être containing at the same time the possibility of its own exhaustion. Or as Derrida would have phrased it, Christianity’s construction generates its deconstruction at the same time. This text tries to summarise the outlines of such deconstruction and its the rise in Nancy’s work, from his earlier publications up until La déclosion in 2005.