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Title: Laconian Bronzes from the Sanctuary of Apollo Hyperteleatas near Phoiniki (Laconia) and from the Acropolis of Athens
Author(s): STIBBE, Conrad M.
Journal: BABESCH
Volume: 83    Date: 2008   
Pages: 17-45
DOI: 10.2143/BAB.83.0.2033096

Abstract :
This is a presentation of largely unknown or even unpublished Laconian bronze material mainly from the Archaic period from two surprising find places on the Greek mainland. On a total of 80 finds from the sanctuary of Apollo Hyperteleatas near Phoiniki (Laconia), which are catalogued here, 62 are bronze products. Of these 38 are certainly, 6 possibly Archaic. Next to these, 15 Archaic Laconian bronzes found on the Acropolis of Athens are presented and catalogued. This small but in several respects important complex has no other links with the find place of Apollo Hyperteleatas in the far-away Laconian province than the mere fact that - as a find place of Laconian bronzes - it is equally surprising. The article aims finally at demonstrating that such eminent bronze products as the krater from Vix and the bronze hydriae from Paestum and Sala Consilina can be attributed without any problem to the same production centre, namely Sparta or Laconia, from where obviously all the other bronzes of similar quality and style, discussed here, originated.

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