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Title: Een evolutionair geloof?
Subtitle: Over 'Intelligent Design', darwinisme en theïsme
Author(s): DE BLOCK, Andreas
Journal: Bijdragen
Volume: 69    Issue: 1   Date: 2008   
Pages: 3-17
DOI: 10.2143/BIJ.69.1.2028871

Abstract :
Both the so-called high priests of atheism (Dawkins, Dennett) and the proponents of Intelligent Design (ID) argue that the Darwinian theory of evolution is more problematic for (Christian) theism than any other scientific theory. Against the grain of most contemporary philosophers and theologians, I contend that their arguments are largely correct. Moreover, neo-Darwinism is especially threatening the soft theism or deism, defended by Darwin and several of the most prominent Darwinian theorists (Dobzhansky, Fisher). For the proponents of ID, this implies that a more theistic science is needed, whereas Dennett and Dawkins hold that the triumph of Darwinism as a science goes hand in hand with the death of theism. However, I contend that a reconciliation of today’s evolutionary theory with theism is possible. In order to substantiate this claim, I sketch out different intellectually legitimate ways to immunize theism against the many ‘Darwinian dangers’.