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Title: An Introduction to the Influence of Flemish on the French of Brussels
Subtitle: Phonology
Author(s): CASSANO, Paul V.
Journal: Orbis
Volume: 36    Date: 1991-1993   
Pages: 136-161
DOI: 10.2143/ORB.36.0.2012805

Abstract :
Our recent research1has concentrated on certain varieties of the French of North America and the influence exerted upon them by contact English dialects. More specifically, we have examined influence claims advanced by Alexander HULLJr. in relation to the French of Windsor, Ontario and the contact English of the same area; and we have also tested a number of influence hypotheses advanced by Conwell and Juilland in relation to the French of Louisiana (and more specifically, the French of the City of La Fayette) and the contact English of the same area.
Two points should emerge clearly prior to further discussion of this subject. First, this article will deal strictly with influence claims advanced in the area of phonology. Not that claims in other structural domains have been lacking; and not that we have failed to deal with them in the literature. The simple fact, however, is that the claims made in the area of phonology with reference to the influence of Flemish on the French of Brussels have been so numerous that treatment of claims in those other structural domains must perforce await another day. Second, we wish to make it very clear that we do not have any competence in the area of Dutch or Flemish language. However, in reading within the area of Flemish language studies, we have been struck by the parallels which emerge with phenomena within the domain of the French fact in other areas. It is, then, for this reason that we insist on entitling this article as introductory; we would be delighted if it were given a more definitive conclusion by (a) person(s) having language performance and competence capabilities in the Flemish language.

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