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Document Details :

Title: Les oignons de Sokar
Author(s): GRAINDORGE, Catherine
Journal: Revue d'Égyptologie
Volume: 43    Date: 1992   
Pages: 87-105
DOI: 10.2143/RE.43.0.2011272

Abstract :
In the New Kingdom, during the ntryt-divine night, Thebes proposes a union between Horus, cosmic manifestation of rebirth, and Sokar-Osiris, now a chtonian principle and protector of the earth's riches. A variety of Egyptian onion, worn as a necklace or assembled into bundles, acts as a vehicle for this joining. In the ground this variety of onion wards off serpents that prevent the solar bark from advancing into the Duat during the course of the sun's nighttime journey. Above ground it ensures the coming light by facilitating the henu-bark's ascension towards the heavens where Sokar exercises his role as guide, alongside Re-Horakhty, at the prow of the solar ship. While Sokar receives these onions on the night of 25 Khoiak, every deceased can benefit from the Opening of the Mouth, with onions and four other plants. The onion gives the deceased the right to a solar heart and associates the resurrection of each Osiris with the advent of a flash of light on the primeval hill. Here will meet the demiurge and the deceased, now active in his new funeral surroundings.

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