Peeters Online Journals Pricing Policy

Open Parts

Members of the public may access the open parts of this site in accordance with the Terms of Agreement.

Institutional Subscribers: Site-wide licence

A site-wide licence allows institutions to offer access to their affiliates on one geographically defined site. Institutions can obtain a site-wide license at no cost for all journals published by Peeters Publishers (see under the following conditions.

Journals that are not published by Peeters Publishers, may have other access requirements. Please contact our online journals department to obtain details.

Individual Subscribers

Individual subscribers obtain online access after filling in the Online Registration Form and activating their account. The online access they obtain is limited to the single journal to which they subscribe. For more information, click here.


Non-subscribers can obtain access by paying €14 for each article using the Ogone payment module. Please note that the download time is limited and that Internet Explorer 6 will ask to confirm the download. Peeters Publishers cannot refund any online payment. In case of a failed download, Peeters Publishers will provide the article on simple demand. Just mention the transaction code and the article's bibliographical reference (journal, volume number, author, article title).