Individual Subscribers

A personal subscription to the print version of one of the journals allows you to access the online archives of Peeters Online Journals at no extra cost.

  • How does it work?

    After registering and activating your personal account, you can download articles from our website. Enter your email address and password in the login box that you can see when you click on "download article". After a short delay the message that your article has been sent to your email address will appear.

  • Registering

    To obtain online access to the journal(s) to which you are subscribed, you must fill in the Online Registration Form. After the receipt of a confirmation email that your account has been set up, you can activate your account.

  • Activating your account

    If you want to activate your account, choose "no" on the download box and fill in the required fields.

    Please note that with the first login your email address is connected to your personal account. This means that articles will be sent to this email address. Please use an institutional email address if you have one. Make sure the email account has enough space to receive the articles you download.

    Please make sure you fill in all required fields. The postal code is the zip or postal code of the address the journal is sent to and it should be written without spaces. Only your official first name should be filled in (no third names or titles). If this name is refused, please try your initials. The system will tell you whether your input was correct. If you fail to activate your account, please contact

    Email addresses regularly change; therefore it is important that you keep your account up to date. If your email address has changed, please mail your new email address to and we will change your account. Please note that the request should mention all necessary personal information.

  • Did you loose your password?

    If you have lost your password please send an email to, mentioning all credentials, and we will reset your account. That will allow you to enter a new password.

  • Usage directions and copyright laws

    The terms of use are the following:

    • Articles may be saved, printed or transferred in any other way for personal use only.
    • One cannot forward articles to any other email receiver or disperse them in any other way.
    • Downloaded articles may only be used for research purposes. Educational users can contact Peeters Publishers through to receive more information on how to use articles for educational purposes.
    • Articles are protected by copyright laws. No commercial use of articles or their contents is allowed. It is also not allowed to alter the contents: the files must stay in their form as received from Peeters Publishers.
    • Peeters Publishers will ensure with all reasonable efforts that you receive the article. The individual user is responsible for the availability of space to save the articles. Peeters Publishers is not responsible for failed delivery due to personal settings (spam-filters, virusscanners, ...) or any other situation which is not reparable by Peeters Publishers.
    • Unauthorised usage of Materials ("Material" shall mean any abstract, article, index, advertising or other material contained in the subscribed journal(s)) will lead to the suspension of your free online access account according to the nature of the unauthorised use.

    If you notice any abuse, please notify immediately. A correct use of this service will guarantee its further existence and the online publication of the journals. Certain forms of abuse may lead to the cancellation of this service.

  • Privacy Note

    Peeters Publishers keeps track of the amount of downloads, but not of their precise nature. The statistics will only be used for editorial evaluation, abuse tracking or any other issue related to publishing. Your personal information will be stored in a secured way and will by no means be used for commercial purposes. Please notify if you want to get an overview of the stored data or if you want it to be changed.