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Title: Armeniaca Iranica
Subtitle: Vi(r)h 'Gulf, Pit, Abyss', apahov 'Safety', zawak 'Child'
Author(s): KÖLLIGAN, Daniel
Journal: Revue des Études Arméniennes
Volume: 40    Date: 2021   
Pages: 1-18
DOI: 10.2143/REA.40.0.3290106

Abstract :
The paper discusses three words attested in Classical Armenian and traces their origin to Middle Iranian etyma or hybrid formations with Iranian elements: Arm. virh 'gulf, pit' is argued to go back to an Ir. form *u̯iθra- 'divide' derived from PIE *u̯i- 'asunder, apart' comparable to Germanic *u̯iþra-; following de Lamberterie, Arm. apahov 'safe(ty)' is explained as a compound consisting of the Ir. prefix apa- 'away' and *hov interpreted as a variant of hog 'care, concern', structurally comparable to Lat. sēcūrus 'safe' < 'away from concern (cūra)'; Arm. zawak 'offspring, child' is claimed to stem from an Ir. form *zāwaka-, probably also found in Balochi zāk 'child', deriving from PIE heu̯- 'to pour' also used in the sense of 'procreate'.

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